Monday Music #4

Now I’ve shared three songs with you already, how about a piece without words? One of my closest friends introduced me to trailer music and it’s so epic.  The build-up is so delicious and the scoring is incredible.


Monday Music #3

Yes, I’ve been bitten by the kpop bug too – but long before BTS blew up in the West! My favourite group has to be Mamamoo though – their vocals are absolutely stunning and they have such chemistry as a group ❤


A (Less) Rubbish Prediction: The Future of Content Creators

Made by an unqualified, totally biased person who is slightly more informed in this area of technology than in the area of politics.

As technology advances and the reach of bloggers, YouTubers and social media stars increases, advertisers will start to become more crafty with their techniques.


How To Learn Faster

With exams coming up, I came across this video about the Feynman Technique that helps you learn and revise stuff more effectively. Essentially, you should use simple terms to explain the idea, as if to a new student.