Robot Throbbing

After some decluttering of my desk, I found this old piece of creative writing from when I was 10.  Since I’m a sentimental old gal, I couldn’t bear to throw it away so I decided to keep it forever on the internet.  Enjoy!



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I feel like a champion, readers. 12 posts in 12 weeks? Yeah you read that right. However, the post I was kind of planning to release this week is not finished thanks to that cheeky pal of ours, writer’s block. We haven’t actually caught up in ages, so he…


An Orange Sky

Coffee-filtered clouds Wrapped round weaving autumn leaves Spires in sepia Inspired by the red sun phenomenon caused by the dust from Hurricane Ophelia that put a sepia filter on the whole of England two days ago. Do you like my poetry?  Check out more below: Haiku Against Racism On Killing a Fly Moon’s WhatsApp to…

A Letter To Students In Schools

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Dear Fighters of a Better Tomorrow: You are not alone, there is always us. Although it was your mom that forced you to attend school whether you liked it or not, you could be doing homeschooling, you could have been better off studying at home alone. But, since it is done,…

Advice for University Freshmans

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One of my wordpress friends @daringtojess is going to uni soon and I thought I give her some advice on each of the following categories to hopefully ‘prepare’ her of what university may be like. Obviously every university is different, their people, their facilities etc. but hopefully you get something out of…


A Short Story: The Fortress

‘This fortress is infallible,’ the General thought. ‘And it’s finally mine.’ Made of steel-reinforced concrete, standing on a block of more concrete and surrounded by a moat of deep water, there seemed nothing that could penetrate its walls.  The few windows of triple-glazed, bullet-proof glass shone in agreement.