Following Your Passion

With so much advice on ‘following your passion’, is it really that simple?  Here are Oli’s thoughts on the subject.  Enjoy!

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Scribblings of Cynicism

What a nauseating title. No offence, Jess!

This was the question Jess Wen, writer of the blog with my utmost admirationDaring to Jess, asked me on a postasking for some suggestions about a month ago: ‘What’s your view on “following your passion”?’ Sorry it’s taken so long getting around to this but here you go.

In general, the phrase ‘follow your passion’ can be misleading in two ways for me; the first is obvious to see when we consider theproblems that might be caused if I took this expression and also had a fancy for murdering infants just for fun. I’d probably get to follow my passion for a very short period of time and then be miserable for the rest of my life in prison and the families of those kids I killed wouldn’t think too highly of me never mind what my victims opinion was…

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13 thoughts on “Following Your Passion

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging my post Jess, I’m so glad you liked my response! You completely deserve 1,000 likes (and it’s not going to stop there!) because your blog is both interesting and educational, I always enjoying reading every post.

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